Moving on

Drew had his pre-school “Chaverim Night” in May to celebrate the end of his preschool years. He loved Shirlee Green Preschool and all of his friends there. The show was an adorable group of songs with a chance for any kid who wanted to do a solo to sing one. We were very impressed with Drew’s solo (he is pretty shy in those situations)- he did awesome!

“we’re building a world with love”

Five Years Old

The big 5! Drew could not wait for his birthday this year and is so excited to be a 5 year old. He continues to love school and is already talking about kindergarten. His interests vary daily, but animals, planes (fighter jets), and legos are constant favorites. He and his brothers are constantly busy with imaginative play- dressing up, pretending to be animals, coming up with complicated story lines- he loves to lead them in play and they love to follow! As he always has, he continues to entertain and challenge us on a daily basis- I hope he always will. He had a blast at his soccer/bounce party– see all the pics here.

Height: 43 inches  (50%)        Weight: 39.4 lbs (50%)













Interview: (see what he said at 3 and 4)

Favorite thing to do: play with my brothers

Favorite TV show: Wild Kratts (or Paw Patrol)

Favorite color: blue…. and gold

Favorite food: tortellini

Favorite truck: “I don’t have one, but my favorite plane is a fighter jet”

Tell me about being 5: “You have to take care of your brothers and you get your 5 year old shots”

He was a “red fox” in a play at school with his hospital buddy, Lauren!


Bedtime Sing-A-Long

One night at bedtime, Henry and Tyler had an impromptu sing-a-long. I’m pretty sure this will be 90% unintelligible to anyone but us, but their interactions are pretty funny- singing, dancing, fighting over the words or hand motions (song #4). I’ll try to provide a little translation… (Tyler = superman, Henry = spiderman)

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

(no translation needed- just a lot of “shoulders, knees and toes” with a few “eyes and ears” thrown in)

Alphabet Song

(no translation needed- just a lot of letters…. 20 sec mark Henry tells Ty “no, don’t do what me do” when he imitates him)

Row Your Boat

Boker Tov

(“are you ready? boker tov, boker tov, etc, etc something about the morning, no,no we not to that part yet… no,no, we do this before” and then Tyler gets mauled)

Shabbat is Here

(“Shabbat is here, I’m so glad that Shabbat is here, candles burning bright, It’s Friday night, It’s Friday night, etc, etc… the sun goes down”)

3 years old

It’s hard to believe our babies are 3! Henry and Tyler definitely have grown into little boys lately. Since their birthday a month ago, they have started school 3 days a week (which they love) and transitioned successfully to big boy beds (after a few rough nights, they’ve been great). When I look back at how I describe their personalities, they have definitely stayed consistent! Tyler continues to love to be silly, thrives on routines, and is very inquisitive about anything and everything. Henry studies quietly, has a very sweet, lovable side, but can also be quite mischievous when he gets a little twinkle in his eye. The older they get, I see them looking out for each other more and more and they love to play together and of course with Drew.

HENRY                                                                                              TYLER

35″  (5%)        29 lbs (25%)                                                         35.5″ (10%)   28.6lbs (25%)













Interview                                            Henry                                     Tyler

Favorite thing to do:                         play                                         play with mommy

Favorite TV show:                             Daniel Tiger                          Mickey Mouse

Place to go:                                          school                                     playground

Book:                     Monster at the End of the book               Monster at the End of the Book

Truck:                                                   dump truck                       steamroller

Food:                                                     peanut butter & jelly         hot dogs
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